Welcome to The River Maker Camp!

We would love to invite you to join us for the 2018 River Maker Camp!  We have some awesome projects lined up for this year that we’re really excited about!  This year our theme is “Sounds Good”.  Students will be learning about Sound & Acoustics during our large group demo times.

What makes The River Maker Camp different

The River Maker Camp is a lot different than other maker camps because of our leaders.  We recruit seasoned veteran adults from Silicon Valley to volunteer to staff our camps.  Unlike other camps, our campers get to interact with the best & the brightest of Silicon Valley!

Rick Schertle

Make Magazine editor & author!

Dorothy Chang

Expert sewer & quilter!

Brett Bymaster

Pastor & 15 yr veteran Electrical Engineer

Alison Higuera

Engineer, artist & designer!

Angie Schertle

Civil Engineer & Maker Mom!

Daily Schedule

  • 8:45am:    Checkin & Free gourmet coffee made to order!
  • 9:00am:    Camp Launch with fun science demos by Brett
  • 9:30am:    Crews break out to work on their projects for the day
  • 12:00pm:  Break for lunch
  • 12:45pm:  Back to project work
  • 2:30pm:    Regroup for wrap up and more science demos by Brett
  • 3:00pm:    Campers are ready to be picked up & show their parents their awesome project!

Awards Ceremony — Friday @ 6pm!

Your whole family is invited to come to our awards ceremony on Friday at 6:00pm.  Each student will receive a certificate and individualized words of blessing from their crew leader.  For many students & families this is the best part of the week!  Parents will be able to go on tour to each of their student’s stations to see the cool stuff they’ve created throughout the week and to meet all the leaders!


The River Maker Camp costs $300.  Because we’re staffed by volunteers and have free use of our facility, we’re able to keep the cost much lower than most camps.  And better yet, we’re totally transparent about where that money goes.  $200 of the total cost goes to cover lunch, supplies, and setup costs.  For those of you good at math, that leaves an extra $100!   We love to offer scholarships to low income students in our community so that they can have access to the same high quality programs as other students.  We use the extra $100 to fund those scholarships!  Is the cost too much for you?  We’re happy to offer a no questions asked $100 discount if needed.  Just send an email to dana@the-river.org and request a $100 coupon.  If $200 is still too much, please reach out and we’d love to work with you, simply email dana@the-river.org with your needs.


Each camper will complete 5 different projects throughout the week.  Every day, campers will bring home their completed projects to show off!  We’ve got an diverse assortment of awesome projects, from electronics & soldering to 3-D printing, to sewing & embroidery.  We have 14 different projects, all listed below.

So many options, How to pick??

Here’s what we’d suggest.  Have your camper browse through the projects below.  Pick the one project they are most excited about, and then click on “purchase”.  After clicking on purchase you’ll be brought to a page that lists five different bundles that includes your camper’s favorite.  Pick the bundle of 5 projects that you are most excited about, and then click to add it to your cart.  Fill out the registration and then check out!  Easy!

Thanks to our sponsors!!

We’re so grateful for the following sponsors who have all donated products and services to our camp!!

Thanks to Sierra Proto Express for generously donating circuit boards to the Animated LED station and Sound Reactive Light Stick station!


Thanks to Maxim Integrated Products for donating integrated Circuits for the Sound Reactive Light Stick station!!