Day-Long Maker Stations

The River Maker Camp event offers campers an opportunity to imagine, dream and create under the leadership of bonafide Makers.

Animated LED Necklace

Description Wearable electronics are growing in popularity these days, and here’s a chance to create one yourself. Campers will get to make some really cool wearable electronics with customized animations. Campers at the Wearable Electronics Station will solder together a matrix of 64 LEDs to a tiny PIC microprocessor.  Then they’ll program that processor using custom…

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Description Campers will learn how to sew using a real sewing machine. Students will get to bring home hand sewn bags with zippers!!     .   Led by: Dorothy Chang Bio I find sewing is relaxing and productive! Random Fact about Me: Ask me anything about the Chronicles of Narnia!


Description Campers will get to explore the world of printmaking. We’ll make Monotype, Linoleum, and Silkscreen prints. We’ll start with an understanding of positive and negative space, design some custom images,  and silkscreen a t-shirt. Led by: Alison Higuera Bio I’m mostly an artist and designer. I have work history in five different industries, which…

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