Cost and Terms

The cost of The River’s Maker Camp is $300 per camper for the entire week, and that includes lunch! Other similar camps run more than $500 per camper, but we’re not doing this for the money, in fact, The River will contribute extra money for the camp. We’re doing this because we love kids, we love making things, and we love God.


Why $300?

How did we even come up with $300?  We’re a church, and we’re all about being honest and transparent, so we’ll tell you exactly how that cost is broken down:

  • Cost per camper for facility: $0 (our church will cover this cost)
  • Cost for all our station leaders, crew leaders, and assistants: $0 (almost** all are unpaid volunteers)
  • Cost per camper for project materials and supplies: $100
  • Lunch, admin, setup, and website costs: $100


That adds up to $200, so why are we charging $300?  Here are the two things that we’re doing with the extra $100 dollars over cost:

  1. Our congregation has been serving the low-income Latino community in the Washington neighborhood for more than a decade. It’s not a place of “them”–many people in our church call that community their home. The Latino students in our community rarely get to participate in summer camps because of finances.  We’d love to provide scholarships for about 30 of our Washington Community students to participate in The River’s Maker Camp.
  2. ** Many of our older high school students are looking for productive paying internships. The Maker Camp has A LOT of setup and cleanup everyday.  It’s a perfect fit!  We’d love to offer paid internships to our high school students as a way of building work experience. That’s especially true for the low income high school students from the Washington Community. By charging a little extra per camper, we’re able to hire a team of about 10 students to support the Maker Camp volunteer leaders.


By contributing $100 over cost, you’re enabling low income students to participate in the camp and high school students to develop leadership skills with a paid internship.  It’s a win-win: your child gets an awesome experience at Maker Camp, and at the same time it facilitates participation for a student who wouldn’t normally be afforded the opportunity.


Is $300 too difficult for you to afford?  If $300 is more than you’re able to contribute, we’d be happy to offer a discount code so you can pay simply the basic cost of the camp ($200). Just email Dana ( for a discount code, and we’d be happy to provide the camp to you at cost ($200).


Refund Policy

We hope you won’t change your mind, but we understand there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that come up between now and the beginning of camp. Because we are hosting this camp for only one week, and we’re trying to keep costs low for everyone, we can only allow refunds if they are requested 60 days before The River Maker Camp begins, which would be by April 20, 2017. After April 20th, we can’t issue refunds since we will begin purchasing materials and preparing for Camp. Contact Dana if you’d like to cancel your registration.